Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher appreciation day

It's way late. I couldn't sleep. I was quite frustrated earlier that the chaos fairy had come and so thoroughly spread her "magic dust" through the house. Frustration and sleep do not  make good bed partners. So, I figured I would just stay up and finish up my project. I like projects! Anything to avoid the dreaded C word.
So here it is:

I really like this project. It is very budget friendly. You take a package of Dum Dums, the smallest you can find unless you live in my house. My son's teacher uses Dum Dums as a behavior modification tool. So, Ethan likes Dum Dums. They are a staple in the Gale household.
Buy a package of Smarties. I found a small one at Walgreens for .99. Bargain!
Next go to your local Dollar Tree. Buy 2 packages of their generic pencils and a can of Pirouline cookies- the ones with chocolate and hazelnut filling. The great thing about this craft is you get to eat the cookies and give away an empty can. Bonus! So go ahead and eat a few and then stash some for later. Let the kids have the cheap treats.
Now that you have an empty tin, get your handy dandy glue gun out and glue the pencils on. It takes 2 pencils shy of 2 packages. Then attach a ribbon of your choice. I found this cute black and white damask ribbon at Walmart a few weeks ago.
Next, fill the inside of the tin with dried beans you have laying around the house. Fill it up about 1/3 of the way. Cover up the beans with some leftover Easter grass.
Then glue the bamboo skewer sticks to Dum Dums and Smarties. Let cool, then place them in the pencil container.
Print out a label. And voila! You are done. My project cost less than $4.

I found the idea for the pencil container here.
Then I saw the cute idea for the candy gram here.
So why not combine the 2? That's what I did.
Have a good Thursday!

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