Monday, May 23, 2011

I heart Faces challenge of the week- Yellow

Here is my latest entry on I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge. The theme is yellow and it has to show a face. After all, the whole website is dedicated to faces. Hello.... yellow!

I'll show you the original. I like it ok. However, you can see Aeron's wedgie. He was just getting used to underwear at that point, and had difficulty getting his underwear on appropriately. It's charming- kind of, but I didn't want to display that in my picture. I also didn't want to include the car in the background on the left hand side. So I smudged it. It's in the shadows anyways.

I took this picture in Sutter Creek at a gas station now converted into an auto shop. They still have the antiuqe gas pumps. I had been eyeing that location for a while to use as a possible picture shoot sight. The colors are so vivid and I love the charming old fashioned feeling of it. Sutter Creek is a great place to visit because it still retains the feeling and historic sites from the long ago gold mining days.
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The Lucky Mama said...

Great shot!!

Krista Campbell said...

Love this! How fun!

Kathy said...

I love this entry!! Different than some of the others I have seen! It's great!!!!

2Sassy Photography said...

I love it when you are able to get a shot of kids being kids and you really capture their personality!

Laurie said...

love the little bit of belly showing! :)