Friday, May 27, 2011

Anne of Green Gables- a special play, a special treat!

The notorious "Carrots!" scene: Anne & Gilbert
I copied this photo off their website:
May 14th turned out to be quite a busy day. Not only, did I receive a scholarship to attend the Educate.Advocate special education conference over at the Community Baptist Church, but more importantly I got go to see on of my favorite books adapted into a play. It was sweet. It was nostalgic. It was delightful.

It all happened because I spoke up. May 1, I was sitting at church next to Rae Watts, one the sisters in my church's Relief Society sunday meeting. She was tolf me about how she had plans to see a play. I asked what play she was attending. Then, when she told me what play it was, I exclaimed, "I love that book!" It turns out that she had an extra ticket. So, not only did I feed my mind that morning by attending the conference, but I also got to feast my eyes.

It was a wonderful opportunity and treat. I am so grateful and lucky to have been able to attend that performance. And, it was a great opportunity to better get to know Sister Watts and her daughter in law. What a treat!

A model of the set.
Display in the foyer.
More scenery in the foyer. Little girls were loving this up. Especially because the cast came out and did a meet and greet after the play.

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