Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tasty Tilapia

My husband hasn't been feeling well lately. So, in the spoiling mood, I went to Winco yesterday and bought him some tilapia. I purchased 2 lbs. of it and ended up with 6 fillets. This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks called The Food Nanny Saves Dinner by Liz Edmunds. In her recipe she calls for fresh halibut. But I have substituted frozen cod fillets and now frozen tilapia with numerous appreciative compliments from my husband and kids. I also adapted it by changing the wine called for in the recipe. The first time I made it I didn't have any white wine, so I used cream sherry instead. Yesterday when I served it I used white wine. Peter likes it much better with the sherry than the white wine - he says it has more zing to it. Whatever he likes - because I don't touch fish except for tuna sandwiches. I ate chicken potstickers, so there! The above picture isn't mine, but I grabbed it off the web because it suited my purposes. Here's the recipe:

Baked Fish
2 lbs. fish (cod, tilapia or halibut)
1/2 - 3/4 c. sherry
2 Tbs. olive oil
Santa Maria seasoning* (it's a blend of parsley, garlic, salt and pepper)

If your fish is frozen, thaw the fish by sealing it in a ziploc bag and running cool water over it until it is thawed. Preheat the oven to 375. Arrange the fish in a baking pan (I used a 9x13 pyrex pan). Drizzle the oil over the fillets. Then drizzle the sherry over them. Sprinkle seasonings over the fillets. Bake about 15 minutes or until the fish is flaky. Enjoy!

*I got the Santa Maria seasoning from my good friend Jeanne's son Eric a few years ago. I have never found it in stores here where we live. I was told that they sell it up in Santa Maria - duh on me! Thus, we have the name Santa Maria seasoning. I imagine you could make your own by using x amount of salt, 1/2 of x amount of pepper, 1/2 of x amount of garlic and 1/2 of x amount of parsley.

I served this with my wino rice. But what you serve it with is up to you.


Maryann said...

Wow I am impressed ALWAYS with your dedication to your family. BUT to actually cook fish and in the house so its aroma sticks around.. YOU ARE IT!!
How about dinner at my house next Sunday night... My treat! Catfish nuggets for the fish eaters and a lovely Chicken cordon bleu for my friend Bonnie! Maybe even a tater tot casserole for kiddy poos!
Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Had so much fun reading your blog and admiring you and your family's photos!What a beautiful family!Hope you wont mind but I'd love to direct Foodista readers to your site, just add this little widget here and it's all set to go, Thanks! - Alisa@Foodista

Bickmore's said...

Looks great! I will have to try that! :) Santa Maria seasoning rocks!! 30 min from Lompoc and where we grew up! :)