Monday, April 6, 2009

Beach Day

I am so grateful for our beach trip. We were needing a family break. A place to get away from the cares of our everyday world. A place to relax and kick back. A beach trip!
Having grown up on the shores of Puget Sound in Washington (Whidbey Island), I feel at home on the beach. As a child at least 2-3 days a week, I would take a walk along the beach. It always cleared my head. I always came home with a smile and peace in my heart. It is such a restive place.
We went to Crystal Cove in Newport Beach. I love that beach. It has the obvious beach, the tide pools, and it has a unique history. They have all these historical cottages, some of which you can rent. It has a Ruby's atop the bluff where you can get a simple bite to eat. It has flat, gently slopping beaches. It's one of my favorite beaches.
One sad thing about our day is that you cannot take dogs to the beach. We brought our dog thinking that she would be a welcome addition. I wanted to capture some shots of her playing with the kids. Well, we found out that we could be fined $250 for having her. Thankfully, we weren't fined. But, I sure did enjoy having here there. The kids did too!


Texas Lisa said...

Looks fun! i sure do miss the beach!

Dawn Caldwell said...

What wonderful memories of the beach with you all last summer! Thank God for the nature!
Have a great day! Miss you all.:)