Friday, April 3, 2009

An egg-cellent evening!

Yesterday I seemed to have come undone. But, I managed to find some super glue to put me back together. It's always a process. It takes time, patience, and a restoration of health.
I believe in being honest with my emotions and true to myself. Last night we had our Women of Strength dinner. My friend Cyndi Lee hosted it. Carolyn Carcich, Linda Fakhoury, Michele Zakharov and I enjoyed her warm hospitality. What a nice treat. At one point, Cyndi who had read my blog earlier in the day asked me if I would regret what I had written? I told her no. There's nothing I wrote which I am ashamed of and I let Peter off easy. We really didn't discuss my emotions yesterday. It was apparent when he got home that I was having a rough day. Plus, some times it's better to stay quiet on a subject until I can approach it from a calm and rational angle. Enough said.
Cyndi is raising these beautiful Golden Retriever puppies - 5 males. They are incredibly cute and already house broken. I was able to snap a few shots of them in action. They were so sweet everyone couldn't help loving on them.
To top it off, Cyndi revealed to us her newest project - CHICKS!! So cute. I am going to come back over there during daylight hours so that I can photograph the chicks. I'm excited. I'm sure it will be interesting. They are going to raise them to lay eggs. What a great idea, especially in this economy!

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