Sunday, January 4, 2009

Making Christmas - Time to give them something fun!

Finally! After two weeks, I am getting back to this blog. It's been a long and trying vacation, but one filled with incalculable memories. We spent Christmas with my grandfather, hereafter known as Grampa, in Sutter Creek, CA. It was a quiet holiday, meaning it was just my loud and obnoxious family bombarding my Grampa 24/7. We stayed a week, we spent the week trying to get the kids to be quiet and not to destroy my Grampa's house.  
One of my favorite Christmas memories from this year occurred before we left. The weekend after school got out, we made sugar cookies and everyone got involved. Those lovely specimens of our industriousness went out on plates with other more appetizing goodies to all the neighbors. We just wanted to say, "Merry Christmas" and teach the kids about the spirit of generosity and kindness. Ethan particularly enjoyed the festivities. He floured himself up and by the time he was done, he looked more like a ghost than a boy. Steven, Rebekkah, and Jonathon did a great job at cutting out and decorating cookies. They went heavy on the decorating sugars but we enjoyed it and after all was said and done even Peter said it was fun!

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Jennifer said...

Having a child covered in flour is usually only funny to those of us who don't have to clean the mess up. One day Bonnie it will be funny to you too. That picture is priceless. Sugar cookies are TONS of work - all the dough cooling, shaping, baking, cooling, decorating. Kudos to you for sharing them. We did make a batch, but we eat them ourselves. I can't do those cookies in bulk.