Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Escapades at the ER

Last night we spent 6 hours at the emergency room. Sunday and Monday Aeron started running a low-grade fever of 100-101. Then yesterday, after a visit to the park, Aeron's temperature spiked to 103.4! 
The last time I experienced a temp that high, Jonathon was 8 weeks old. He ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days due to pneumonia. Temperatures that high are so frightening. Too much can go wrong. 
So, Peter and I found a last minute sitter (thanks Justin!) and headed off to the ER. I couldn't believe how busy it was there! So many people, and there were so many little ones. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long to see the triage nurse (I think we waited an hour). She administered some Tylenol and ibuprofen which helped to bring the fever down. Then after 2 hours we went to this side ER. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I know how to handle a fever. My concern is that the high temp was an indicator of a bigger problem. I know my kids. Aeron had refused food most of the day. And right before he left for the hospital, he started refusing liquids. Dehydration can happen too quickly. 
Thankfully, we got assigned this really great lady who is a nurse practitioner. She was very thorough. She noticed a viral breakout in Aeron's throat. But, was concerned that there was something more going on. She ordered a tortuous chest x-ray, and they found a spot on his lungs. Sure enough, Aeron had the beginnings of pneumonia. So, she gave him an injection of antibiotics in addition to a prescription for both antibiotics and oral steroids.
While we were stuck in the ER, we were forced to watch/listen to television. They were showing ABC's The Bachelor, where all these hussies parade around hoping they can be the next Mrs. Right. 
I am rather disgusted at the degenerate nature of the Bachelor. This single father of a 6 year old boy, has left his son in the care of another person while he appears on television, trying to find a mother for his child. A lot of the women he has chosen look like they could be porn stars in training! The man made this remark that he wants to use his brain and his heart to make this important decision. Meanwhile, they advertise future episodes and show how he spends the night with one of the ladies and she comes back to the house wearing his clothes the next morning. It sounds like he is using a different body part to make that decision. Moreover, what a great message this show sends to our young women. I resent that they portray an act so special and sacred as a lure a woman can use to hook a man! Yuck. 
Peter kept making all these snide remarks as we waited and cared for Aeron. He made me laugh as he mocked that show. I am grateful for my husband, that we have a marriage based on a solid foundation of faith and friendship. In retrospect, we could have asked the attendants to change the channel, but we were more concerned with Aeron.
I remarked to Peter as we drove home, I would have much rather have spent the last 6 hours on a date as opposed to stuck in the ER. Looking on the brighter side, he said, "Honey, we had a date. We only had one child to care for and each of us got to take turns playing games on our phone while the other cared for Aeron." I didn't realize our date nights had deteriorated so badly. They really haven't.
Peter always helps me to look on the bright side and see the positive. Yes, it was nice to have a break from the kids. However, I was scared to sit there in the waiting room with Aeron. What if something happened? Having a sick child requires both parents sometimes. And if they were going to have to draw blood or admit him, I wanted both of us there for Aeron. Thank you for sacrificing your precious work time to go with me to the ER. 

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