Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why pay for magazines when you can get them for free?

Last night Steven was upselling his school fundraiser to me.  Let me begin with sharing that Banyan is having yet another fundraiser.  I don't like them. I pay a lot of money, mostly for garbage; and then, I generally forget about what I have purchased because they sell mainly gifty type items. Anyways, I generally forget about the fact I have purchased said items until I find the box I have put them in way later. I would rather give the school $10 and call it good!
Back to my story, sorry about the rant. Steven was trying to pique my interest in the fundraiser and he told me that there even were magazines I could buy. For example, they are selling People magazine. Well, I turned to him and said, "Why would I pay money for magazines, when I can get them for free?" There is no response to that question, even for Steven who usually has a rebuttal or smart remark for everything.
I get my magazines for free. I get Prevention, Star (a gossip rag that I generally throw away after wrestling it from Bekkah's hot little hands), Shape, Fitness, Wired (a techno magazine for my husband), TV Guide, and soon I'll be getting Women's Day. 
I really like the website Sagemommy. She has a subpage on her site of freebies. You can get lots of free samples and sometimes even magazines. So from that site I found out about the website RewardsGold. That's the site where you too can get a free subscription to Women's Day or Self (no thanks, I don't need to how to be a star in the bedroom or how to hook a man, but hey if that's your thing, more power to you!). You fill out a survey about your personal dehairing techniques (whether you shave or wax or ...) and presto, you will get yourself a year's subscription to the magazine of your choice. My only advice to you would be this: set yourself up a separate email address that you only use for the purpose of freebies. Because you'll soon get all the junk mail you could ever conceptualize.
But, how hard is it to press the delete button? I like my freebie magazines and thought you might appreciate the heads up.  

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Caryn, the Mom said...

Cool idea. Thanks for sharing.