Friday, December 19, 2008

That was totally WICKED!

Wicked at the Pantages Theater was an amazing experience. Peter, Rebekkah, and I drove to Hollywood to see it. That was our Christmas gift to each other and Rebekkah. She absolutely loved it. During the intermission, Bekkah and her best friend Megan Blackmer switched seats with her cousin and sat in the front row of the mezzanine (that is the second tier of the seats). But intermittently during the second half, she would lean forward, totally into the play, just savoring the experience. 
It was cute to watch Bekkah and her best friend enjoying the experience together. Karen Blackmer organized the whole thing because she enjoys the theater so much. She originally bought something like 300 seats, honestly I'm not sure of the number, but she purchased several thousand dollars worth of tickets so she could get a group seating price. It was wonderful. I knew Peter would enjoy it as well. Peter enjoyed it so much that he agree to pay for the next group seats that Karen purchased. It looks like Feb. 18th, Peter, Bekkah and I will be attending The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater. Bekkah, doesn't know about it. Karen decided to arrange it as a gift for her daughter Megan's birthday in February. She offered us seating, and Peter is very enthusiastic about it. 
After the show ended we made our way out to the stage exit, the exit the actors use to leave the theater.  So, Rebekkah got autographs of the cast members and Peter even took a photograph of her with the actor.  It was a great experience for her.  Her face was so lit up and she was giddy with delight. 
Feeling generous, knowing we will not have the opportunity to see Wicked again, I purchased a really cute shirt for her as a souvenir.  This morning as she was grumpily dragging herself around the house, I presented it to her.  Amazing what a small act can do.  Instantly, her mood went from grumpy and tired to euphoric.  How mercurial a 'tween's emotions are.  We got home around midnight.  It made for a long day yesterday with little sleep and another long day today.  
This morning I was tired as well. I didn't have time to be tired though.  Bekkah got off to school, I dropped the boys off and ran to Stater Brother's, a local grocery store, and while there Ethan decided to throw a tantrum. When I go to the store with all the little ones (Ethan 3, Aeron 17 mo., and Madison 8 mo.) I am subject to Ethan's whims and wishes. He sees the Pringles (Pringles are no longer classified as "chips" they are "potato crisps") and he immediately wants the Pringles until he sees the candy display and then he goes for the M&M's. Generally, if he behaves himself, I don't mind letting him get a candy. But today, he immediately wanted to open it and I am trying to train him that we do not open it until the item is paid for. He is unable to grasp this concept. 
He ran away (not too far out of sight) and sat down and tried to open the candy package. I told him no that we needed to pay for it before we opened it. Then he spent the next 10+ minutes trying to grab them away from me.  I told him no. I told him that if he opened the package, I would throw it away in the garbage. 
Once he has his mind set on an objective, there is no deviation from the desired goal.  I refused to give in to his terrorist threats.  He cried and screamed. Some mothers gave me supportive looks, and the checkers commiserated with me and I stood firm.  This is important for Ethan to understand. He needs to learn to delay gratification. Not everything he wants can be instantaneously granted. I realize that in time, if I keep trying, he will learn this idea. Or else, I'll give up on the idea of taking so many little people to the store and wait until later! I would prefer the first, however.

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