Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vomit on the floor makes me want to roar!

I hate throw up. On a daily basis, I have up close and personal moments with things that are equally as disgusting - like cleaning up after Ethan soils himself (we've been potty training for over 1 1/2 months now, he just can't get the hang of going #2 in the toilet).  But, I digress... back to my point - my point is that vomit is just one of those things I can't stand.
Just as I was settling in to some good sleep, Jonathon ran into our bedroom crying. Peter is having another of those late nights tonight. He's trying to fix some of the ever present computer problems at school. So I was on duty. I sat up in bed trying to reorient myself and finally woke up to the lovely sounds of someone retching in the bathroom. It was Jonathon. It turns out that as soon as Jon entered our bedroom he started spewing. He left a trail from our bedroom door to the bathroom area. By the time he got to the toilet, there wasn't much left for a finale! I am calling it the trail of tears! :)
I wanted to scream! But, I kept my composure and resumed my mommy role. I started running the bath so he could soak a bit. I tried to comfort him. I encouraged him and gave him a cup of water. 
Then I started damage control. Not only did it get on the carpet, it got on our blankets on and off the bed and the clean clothes we had surrounding our bed on the floor (yes, that's not where they go, I get it, it's my own fault!).  Vomit also got on our bed frame and the door.
Evidently, he drank red fruit punch earlier in the night. Hooray!!! It's my lucky day.
So, I started carpet cleaning at 12:30 am. This is so not fun. Earlier in the evening, my hip was hurting so bad that I took some of Peter's tylenol with codeine because plain old tylenol just wasn't doing any good. So, of course I felt all loopy. But, at least while I ran the carpet cleaner my hip wasn't hurting. I have to look on the brightside!
I just can't stand the smell of vomit especially in a room where I'm trying to relax and get a good night's rest.  Again, thinking positively about the situation, at least tomorrow I won't have to worry about cleaning the carpet, by my prompt action, I prevented the stains from setting in. Tomorrow I'll just work on cleaning up the clothes that got dirty from Jon's spew-fest. 
Well, I hope this entry brings a smile to your face. Maybe your smile is one of pity, perhaps you can identify, or maybe you are thinking to yourself, "Gee, am I glad that wasn't me." Who knows? I just thought I would provide you with a peek into my action-packed life. 
I'm not writing this with the intention of whining and complaining. This entry is more of a vent session. It is a healthy outlet for my thoughts and feelings. It's not like I can go wake up one of my kids and tell them about it or phone a friend! You get the idea.
Well, now that the carpet is well on the way toward drying and my children (Ethan and Jon) are resting most comfortably in my bed, I think I will try to get some sleep.

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