Monday, January 5, 2009

Calgon - take me away!

The above picture illustrates our inability to comfort an ailing child. The other night, Aeron just couldn't settle down. Finally, he wriggled off my lap sniffling and fussing, found a spot on the floor, curled up and went to sleep. Can you say pathetic? Poor little red! That's how I feel this morning.
I'm having one of those days today. Most of it can be attributed to the paltry amount of sleep I had last night. Aeron has been sick. Usually it is an ear infection. In addition, he's been teething; those pesky canine teeth, I'm not sure what they're called, are coming in both the upper and lower gums. This adds to his general crankiness. On top of that, our family has been fighting the dreaded winter sniffles as well. We've been keeping him well supplied with tylenol and ibuprofen and with the recommended cold medicine but none of it has helped.  
Last night I finally gave up. We spent a miserable day and afternoon. He was cranky, refused to eat and the normal comforts of nursing and holding did nothing. At 2 am, after he had been up 3 times, I finally gave in and drove down to the urgent care center.  The doctor looked at his ears, I was thinking it was another ear infection, typical to the small Gale children. But no, he has a throat infection. We got our prescription for amoxicillan and drove on over to the all night pharmacy.  They filled it and we returned home. After administering the medicine, a bottle and some cuddling Aeron got back to sleep and I finally got to bed about 3:30 am.  What a night!
This morning, got better. Ethan is such a hands on child.  He decided to mess with my keys. Given Ethan's proclivities of frequently running away into the street or to neighbor's houses, we installed a double sided deadbolt lock, to open the door or to exit the house, you must use the key to unlock the door. In his efforts at opening the door this morning, Ethan broke my key off in the lock. So, not only can I not lock the door when I leave the house for errands, but I can't lock him inside!
On days like today, I would love to climb into bed, pull the covers up and blissfully sleep for a few hours until I feel more human. Oh how I yearn for sleep! But, no such luck. My motto is: no rest for the wicked. No, I'm not wicked, I realize that. I just like to try to keep my quirky sense of humor about the situation. Otherwise, I might just dissolve into tears of frustration and exhaustion. And how will that be productive? 
Well, today is another day.  I have babies to tend. I resumed watching Madison today. She is mobile now. Her Christmas present to her family and friends was her mastering the ability to crawl. She is much happier with her newfound mobility. I'm hoping Aeron will settle down for a nap, and maybe Madison will also comply. If I am lucky, I might get a quick nap before Ethan comes home from preschool. 
Yes, I forgot to mention that Ethan resumed preschool today. Hallelulia! Thank Heaven for small blessings - preschool in my book is a HUGE blessing. Both Ethan and I reap the benefits of his school. For that I am grateful.

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