Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer haircuts and unintended consequences

Friday afternoon I gave all 4 boys haircuts. Earlier that morning I asked Jonathon if he wanted a summer haircut. He's been getting so sweaty with his long hair and when he gets sweaty, he wipes his hands across his face generally leaving black dirty streaks in the wake of his hands. So Jon got his haircut and then he commented that he didn't want it that short! I asked him, what he thought a summer cut was?
To complicate the story, Friday night before Jonathon went to bed, he took a detour through our bathroom and played with Peter's beard trimmer. I guess he wanted to give himself his own haircut. What he ended up with to my dismay was a reverse mohawk that went halfway back on his head. I discovered this Saturday morning as I was getting him ready for his soccer game at 9:30.
What had previously been a nice haircut that was a clipper size 6 on top now became a shave with a clipper size 1. He's almost bald now.
To rub in this fact, I photographed him in all his glory. He didn't seem to mind all that much, unfortunately. And at the soccer game, when I cheered for him, I cheered, "Go, Baldy go!" He didn't seem to appreciate my cheers very much. But then again, I didn't appreciate having to give him a whole new haircut.
Hopefully, Jonathon won't make that mistake again!

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