Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A good day

Yesterday was a memorable day. It was my 35th birthday. It was a quiet day where I went about my usual routines. It's not like I can command the week to pause just for me, life waits for no man or woman. I had my normal childcare duties. The boys had scouts. Peter had his Cisco class.
The highlight of my day was my friend Karen coming up to visit and take me out to lunch. We went to Panera. It was nice. We laughed as Aeron and Madison stole food from each other and tried to steal drinks. We enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the delicious food. It was a wonderful treat for the middle of the day. The best present I got is that when I took a test picture of Aeron, he actually smiled for me and smiled for Karen when she took our photo. What a wonderful birthday present. Thank you Karen and Aeron. What a memorable lunch.
Then after scouts, the kids and I went and claimed our free chicken meal from KFC and went to Bass Pro Shops because I promised Ethan he could see the fish there. He is fascinated with the fish and could spend several hours yelling, pounding and staring at the fish.
His birthday is on Monday, the 11th. He saw the birthday cake I made and thought it was his. You know, when you're turning 4, it's all about you! I explained to him that we will celebrate his birthday next week.
We are planning a party just for him. It will be a simple affair at the park. We'll have hot dogs, chips, drinks, and cupcakes. The kids can run around at the park and play in the sand and then we'll go home. I'm looking forward to doing this for him because it is the first time he'll be able to understand that it is his birthday. He loves the birthday song and candles. I wonder how many times we'll have to relight the candles? He is very excited for this event. I am glad for him.


Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Jennifer said...

Happy Happy Birthday - I guess I'm belated because it was yesterday. I LOVE the pic of you and Aeron together. What a nice gift!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie! Hope you had a fabulous day!