Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playing chicken

Playing chicken
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Yesterday Jonathon was having a few moments with one of our newest chicks. This one is particularly friendly; she is a barred rock chicken. The kids have named her "Blacky." For me, her coloring and spots remind me of a penguin. Jonathon was letting her crawl all over his head, his neck, arms. It was very cute. The kids are fond of the chickens and I am surprised at what social creatures they are. When I get stressed out, I'll take a moment and sit by the chicken coop and check up on them. Most of the time, a couple will come right up to the cage and visit with me. This has probably been the weirdest project I've taken on. But, I am enjoying learning all the in's and out's!

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Awwww...that is so adorable! -Alisa@Foodista