Monday, February 22, 2010

I Heart Faces - Hands On Photo Entry

Besides selling Pampered Chef products, making jewelry, cooking, sewing, and my carpentry class, I have taken an interest in photography. Recently, I even joined the community photography club!

I took the picture of Ethan (my autistic 4 year old terrorist) during one of his calm moments (he was asleep- that's the only time he is calm!). And since it features his hands in a unique perspective, I thought I would enter it into the contest. 

The day I took the picture he was obsessing about Halloween. He wanted it to be Halloween again! Ethan couldn't understand why we couldn't have Halloween again. When else can you go around house to house and they GIVE you chocolates? Halloween was a dream come true for him. 

So, he donned his trusty Iron Man costume (which is in tatters now) and found a Halloween treat bucket and sat at the table where I was working on one project or another. I didn't have any chocolate candy for him that day - he had eaten all the chocolate in the house, so I substituted Oreos instead. My standard bribe for him is chocolate. We probably spend more money than the average household on chocolate candies and chips. They are a staple in his finicky diet. 

So after much ado, here is the picture:


I Heart Faces said...

What a sweet entry!

We just wanted to leave a friendly reminder that you need to leave a link to your blog post ( not a link to the home page of your blog each week. You can find the permalink by clicking on the title of your blog post.

We have already fixed this week's entry for you! :)

-Amy & Angie
co-founders of I Heart Faces

Rachel said...

What a great perspective. And a good story too! Thanks for sharing this picture with us!

Christine said...

Aaawww,,, this is too sweet!!!