Friday, June 5, 2009

My most recent photos

Here is a few of the plethora of shots I took on Wednesday after a FREAKISH night of lightning, thunder and rain. The lightning strike sounded like a bomb going off. It caused a bunch of the car alarms in the neighborhood to go off as well.
Thankfully, the next morning after more rumblings and rain, it cleared up and after dropping off the kids at school I fixed breakfast for Ethan and Aeron, got Madison a bottle, blanket and put on a movie for her. They were content for a little bit so I could go outside and photograph the neighborhood flowers in the morning light.
My friend Jennifer is right! The morning and evening hours are a good time to take pictures. The light is great.
Photography is my passion right now. I love it. I love shooting pictures of the kids, my chickens, my backyard garden, and most especially flowers. I love capturing their timeless beauty. It reminds me what a blessing it is to live in the beautiful world that Heavenly Father has created for us. In these time of turbulence, economic struggles, and depressing news, gazing upon these images gives me a much needed lift.
My next piece of equipment I want to buy is a "nifty fify" lens or a macro lens. I would have such fun with it - I'll have to save my pennies. With my current lens, I can only get so close. But, it works, as you can see. For that I am grateful!


Enjoying the Journey said...

Bonnie I just love your pictures. you did a great job with them. Just beautiful. I really like the detail.

Kathy Bell

korie said...

Great pictures Bonnie! Sooooo pretty.

Spirit Worx said...

These are beautiful, my friend! Will you take some shots of Zane for his 5th birthday? I can't think of anyone who captures children like you...

kimberlee said...

very nice. I especially like the rose.