Sunday, June 7, 2009

Apron Strings

I have recently developed a fondness for aprons. I especially enjoy seeing the vintage aprons, with the awesome vintage fabric. I especially like the ones made out of flour sacks. During WW2, I think, they made aprons/children's clothing from flour sacks because resources were so scarce. They made do and were creative!
Last week my friend Teresa and I and celebrated our friend Robyn's birthday by going to lunch at the Corner Bakery. It was a nice treat. I wanted to get my friend a nice gift. But, what do you get for the woman who has everything? I decided to make her an apron. Robyn loves pigs and recently at a get together at her house, I was helping clean up and asked her if she had an apron. She said no. So, I made her one themed with pigs.
It was a labor of love. I enjoyed the process. I even enjoyed sewing with Aeron sitting on the table next to my sewing machine and him taking the thread out of the spindle. It kept him occupied for a few moments and allowed me to work.
I wish I would have gotten a picture of him helping me on the table. It is just so typical of our home. And he is such a momma's boy. He and I have such a bond. I often see some of my expressions on his face. When he is annoyed or mad his brows scrunch up and so does his nose, I do that too sometimes. My favorite thing about him is his loving nature. He is always giving me hugs and kisses. I love it. It is especially comforting on those days when Ethan is having a rough day. Jonathon is also very demonstrative with his love. He loves to give me kisses.
Alas, I have digressed again. The whole point was to talk about aprons. Right now I am in the process of cutting out another apron for Jonathon's teacher, Deanna Grace. She is such an amazing woman. I am going to miss her. She has been so good for Jonathon and I love how she gets on the kids just like a mom does. She has a passion for The Wizard of Oz. So, this weekend, I travelled over to Ginger's Quilt Shop, somewhere I had never been before and bought some Wizard of Oz fabric. I am going to make her an apron to say thank you for such a great year. I'll load up a picture of it when it is finished.
Right now I need to go capture Ethan. He just used the broom to knock down my keys and opened the front door. He wants me to take him to get a chocolate donut. And, I also need to call the doctor. Aeron is sick with what Ethan had earlier this week. I believe he has a double ear infection and upper respiratory. He needs to be seen.

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Enjoying the Journey said...

Great apron Bonnie. I also love aprons. I wear them all the time. Missed you yesterday at church.

Kathy B