Friday, December 12, 2008

Adventures in potty training

We are potty training right now! It's not going very well. Yesterday morning we went to Kohl's to check out some possible Christmas gift ideas. We got maybe 10 feet inside the door as I was looking at the Junior's department for some items for Bekkah. Ethan stood in front the display stand of books and stuffed animals and all of sudden a wet stain spread across the front of his shorts and there is a huge puddle of liquid emanating from my son. My reaction? I wanted to disown him; I wanted to turn and walk away. What a mess. I couldn't clean up this mess with a few tissues I carry around in my purse! I had been pleading with him, asking him to go to the bathroom right before we left the house minutes earlier. But he doesn't want to. He has amazing bladder control. He will stop himself midstream, several times, because he just doesn't want to go. So now every 20-30 minutes we engage in a power struggle. Humbling myself, knowing the look the cashier would give me, I went over to the cashier and explained that we are potty training and that my son had just had an accident, a really large accident! So, off we go to the children's clothing department to get a package of underwear. And wouldn't you know? We found Lightning McQueen underwear! Ethan's favorite character. Anything that has Lightning McQueen, Ethan wants to own it! I pointed this package out to Ethan, hoping that wearing Lightning Mc Queen underwear might further motivate him to use the toilet. Ethan eagerly scooped up the package and off to the bathroom we head. Well, we changed his soggy clothes and went on our way. Lesson learned? Ethan must wear Pull-ups when we leave the house. And we now engage in the game, sink the floating Cheerio when it's time to tinkle.  So far it's working!

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Claudia said...

Oh, the joys of parenthood . . . My best wishes for success and patience as you try to find ways to motivate Ethan to use the potty.

The photo of him is very cute and smiley - hope you can soon be smiley too because this hurdle has been crested.