Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evil garden bug

Wednesday afternoon I found this big bad bug on my tomato plant as I was cleaning off some dead leaves. At first I thought it was just a curled up leaf until I touched it and then I screamed like a girl! Oh, wait I am one. Ha ha.
As soon as I touched it I realized it wasn't a leaf. And, it wasn't until I looked closely that I realized what it was. This obese tomato bug has great survival instincts. It "played" dead. It didn't move the whole time I pulled the branch off, set it on the table and took pictures of it.
It was only when, I took my revenge on it that it moved. It is now chicken fodder.
This fat bug feasted on my last beautiful tomato. I went out to pluck the tomato from the vine when I looked at it and realized that my tomato had been slaughtered. No more beautiful tomato.
So, the bug and the tomato got fed to the chickens. So there! Take that obese bug!
The chickens fought as usual over who would get to devour the bug. I didn't hang around to see it. I had to take Steven to his Boy Scout meeting. But, Peter and Steven thought it great fun to watch the big bad bug meet it's just fate.

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Lisa said...

Yikes! that's a scary looking thing!