Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend excitement!!

Today we are going to Knott's Berry Farm! We have a sitter lined up to watch the wee ones - Ethan and Aeron. And we are going to ride all the scary roller coasters and have a good time with no worries. 
The best thing about today's activities is that they are FREE!!! My friend Robyn and her husband invited us to a Duck's game last year in November? I really don't remember dates very well. They had INCREDIBLE seats. We were row 11 (I think - I'm not one for details, I remind you, but wherever they were we were really close to the ice) and you could see all the action with out the aid of binoculars. It was so cool. I had a good time! Peter and the kids tota!ly did. 
To get to the point, they generously purchased these kids fan packs for the kids. They were totally cool. The kit had dog tags, a water bottle, am beanie, a calendar, a ticket for a free game, a tee shirt, a coupon for a free kids meal from Red Robin, and a little noisemaker - WOW. When you join the club they will send you updates. So the Ducks are having their end of the year celebration at Knotts and if you bring your dog tags you can get in free with a parent today! So we are going. If you are interested in joining this totally cool club check out this link:  Wild Wingers Kids Club.
One of the best things about going to Knotts is going to Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. They have the best fried chicken dinner with delicious fresh buttermilk biscuits and yummy Knott's jam. That is the thing I'm also excited about. How silly am I? But, I'm a sucker for good food.
I'm feeling good today. It's a nice feeling. 
I got up this morning and made breakfast for the kids. We had scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese, orange juice and hootnany pancakes. They are simply delicious and easy! I'll include the recipe at the end for you foodies out there.
In addition, yesterday I spent a lot of money (relatively speaking) to pay a housecleaner to come and help me clean the house up. There has been no way humanly possible unless I was a crackhead that I could care for all the kids, provide the attention that Ethan needs ALL THE TIME, and keep my house clean. So, really it is worth any amount. I have to tell myself that to rationalize the expenditure. I still feel a tiny bit guilty about it. But then I look around at my sparkling clean house and breathe a sigh of relief and the guilt quickly passes. Then I just feel gratitude.
Somehow we'll adjust and find the resources to pay for it. We'll have to be creative (they government took an extra $1000 out of our paycheck this month - they reset the tax exemptions and Peter didn't get over in time to correct it.) I need the help though. 
Peter says he's a deadbeat. He says that because he can't help. He's too bogged down with school work. The other night he stayed up until 3:30 AM creating curriculum for his business ownership class. My friend's husband gave him his business class syllabus and tool and he has some stuff from the district but he really has to pull this all out of his head. He's trying to keep it current so it is relevant to the students' interests. This class is just a dumping ground really for kids who didn't get into other classes. So, in a way, he is a glorified babysitter. But, he sincerely is trying to teach them something! Whether they choose to learn or not, that's up to them. He also just finished trying to register for Crafton Hills Community College to take a class to finish up his Cisco certification so he can continue to teach it at school. Then he has the grading. So, long story short, he doesn't have the time to help at home. Someday, maybe. He tries, I give him credit for that, and what I am most grateful about is that he didn't even bat an eyelash or flinch when I told him the housecleaners had come! Thanks, I appreciate it.
What was humorous about yesterday's housecleaning episode is that Mirtha came with her friend. I can't remember what her friend's name is. But, she felt bad for me, they both did. My house has been in shambles, and, I am not EXAGERRATING!!! We all decry the state of our homes, but mine really was in need of a good cleaning and organizing. And boy did these women work their tails off. I was shocked when they didn't run screaming from my chaotic and disorganized home! But, they were brave, determined, and kind souls who spent all day whipping my house into shape!
Mirtha's friend even offered to come and do a daily maid service at my house - helping me with the dishes, laundry and general upkeep - yes that needs work, I will freely admit it. I won't tell you the amount she quoted me. I can't afford it. I am going to have Mirtha come once a week and that is just going to have to get me by. And maybe someday, when I am fabulously wealthy (yeah, right) I can hire a maid service (when pigs fly!!!). My children MUST learn to help out, and they are doing it. Either that or I will make their lives miserable and they will do nothing fun. It is starting to work so far.
I am happy though. It is refreshing to have the floors clean all at the same time! The kitchen is perfectly clean, not just a little so it's passable. The bathrooms are all clean, no urine on or around the toilets from my blind boys. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my back. It's that darn monkey I tell you! 
I'll update this blog with the pictures we take today. I need to finish the dishes and get ready for my day of play! Wahoo!

Hootnany Pancakes
6 eggs
1 c. flour
1 c. milk
1/2 c. butter
1/2 tsp. salt

Preheat oven at 425. In a 9X13 dish put the stick of butter in the pan and put it in the preheating oven. It will perfectly melt it for you while you assemble the batter. Combine eggs, milk and salt in a blender until fluffy and well mixed (about 2 minutes). You don't want it to separate. Add flour a little at a time until well blended (about 2 more minutes or so- eyeball it!) When the butter is bubbly, pour the batter into the baking dish. Bake for 25 minutes. Serve warm with powdered sugar sprinkled on top and top that off with maple syrup. It's delicious this way!!

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