Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our date with Broadway

Today we had a special date! Peter, Bekkah and I went to a matinee showing of Phantom of the Opera. We committed to it and paid for the tickets way back in December. It took some doing to arrange babysitting, prepare dinner ahead of time, etc. but it was worth the effort.
My friend Kathy Forrester's son Justin graciously consented to watch the kids and help manage the house while we were gone. It was a big job. Ethan came home from school on the bus, the babies- Aeron and Madison were napping, the boys- Steven and Jonathon came home from school, and lastly Zakk came home later on the bus at 4:30 pm. Later he had to put dinner in the oven and manage all the kids' different activities. One wanted to play on the computer, one wanted to watch cartoons, and Ethan escaped from the house to run around outside in the cul-de-sac. Justin held up well. I'm sure he was tired when he went home. My house is rather chaotic in the afternoon.
I enjoyed Phantom despite worrying about Justin and the kids. Rebekkah was absolutely enthralled! She loved the play. It was wonderful. The effects were amazing. The sets were so detailed and beautiful. The costumes were incredible. And, the talent! The actors were incredibly talented.
It was a special treat to have the opportunity to attend this play. We don't do this type of thing very often. Peter was very interested in going when my friend Karen first told me about this opportunity. Attending this play was a complete surprise for Rebekkah. Last night I announced our plans to her. She squealed with delight and excitement! She got to miss school today. And during the play, she leaned over and expressed her gratitude as she held my hand. She understood the effort we went to in order to attend this play.

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