Friday, November 21, 2008

Peanut Butter Boy, August 29, 2008

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Aeron.  Ethan, Aeron's 3 year old big brother, LOVES peanut butter. He eats a half sandwich of plain old peanut butter and just bread multiple times a day. Or, if he is feeling particularly independent, he will get the jar and a spoon and help himself! On this particular day, he helped himself and left the jar open on the kitchen floor for Aeron to find. Aeron found it and dove in with both hands. At first, I was SO frustrated and upset because of the huge mess I now had the privilege of cleaning up. And, most days like every other mom, I follow around after my 3 year old whirling dervish trying to minimize the amount of damage. Well, after seeing the mess, that little voice in my head said to stop a moment and look at the situation from a different point of view.  I followed that prompting, changed my attitude, and took a picture of my littlest one literally covered from head to toe in peanut butter. It is now one of my favorite pictures. Thanks Skippy!


Lisa said...

So cute! We had an experience like that when Jacob and Sarah were little. Edgardo had just washed the car and they had gotten hold of the hose and made a mud puddle. Once they had a goodly quantity of the mud they began to wipe it onto the recently cleaned car and also on the the pillars of the porch. Edgardo was pretty upset. I told him to get the camera - it's one of our favorite photos. Your little Peanut Butter Boy looks quite pleased with himself.


Jeanne said...

I just love him!