Sunday, September 6, 2009

An eggs-elent discovery

An eggs-elent discovery, originally uploaded by bonniemomof5.

Today after church Bekkah found this little gift out in our backyard chicken coop! I was so excited to see that at least one of our chickens has started laying eggs. Then, a few minute later, Bekkah came in with another one. Now I can tell my friends who inquire about my chicken experiment that yes, my chicken are now laying eggs. I am not sure which ones are laying, but 2 of the 7 are indeed producing.
This week when I went in to the feed store in Norco, I was talking to the lady. I was asking her about our chickens and she told me we would probably not see any eggs until after the heat was over. So, I had consigned myself to this fact. And then not one week later, not 1 but 2 eggs appear. Hooray! I am excited to start relying on our chickens for eggs instead of purchasing them from the farm.
I do have to admit the eggs are small. I will have to use 2 of their eggs in place of 1 large egg. But, maybe as the hens continue to lay eggs, the size will increase. I don't know because I am a newbie to raising hens. The idea of raising chickens was really a wild idea. I am grateful to have them. It has been interesting and a fun diversion to watch the girls as I call them.

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Enjoying the Journey said...

That is so exciting. I think that is really wonderful. Garden, eggs, now you need that cow for milk. hahahaha