Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonathon!

Here is one of Jonathon's birthday presents. The week we went to Sutter Creek to visit my grandfather, we worked all week including the day of Jon's birthday. Finally, on Thursday when we left Sutter Creek, I gave him some options, I wanted to do something special for him because he CHEERFULLY worked so hard while we were up there, even on his BIRTHDAY. One of the options included going to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and going on the Giant Dipper, a big roller coaster. Jonathon chose that.
So here you see Jonathon in the rollercoaster as we ascend the biggest peak. He is such a thrill seeker. He loved the roller coaster. It was a nice treat for the both of us.
The only negative of the whole trip was the traffic officer lurking around the parking meters. I had my eye on my watch the whole time because we had to leave the dog in the car (the windows were left partially open, of course). I think I arrived back 3 minutes late and there was a lovely pink parking ticket on my dashboard. What a drag!
Nevertheless, it still was a nice side trip. I loved the drive out there. It is so verdant and beautiful out there. I love the ocean and sand. We didn't touch a toe on the sand, we were so focused on the task at hand.
But, there it is, you've got to take the good with the bad. It put me a few hours out of the way on the trip home, a worthwhile time expenditure for the memories we have of our little jaunt into Santa Cruz! Thanks Jon for sharing that special trip with me.

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